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Sobriety Support

Is drinking disrupting your life?

That quiet inner voice that is telling you it's time to do something about it is your intuition. It's never wrong.

Your challenge with alcohol is the gateway to spiritual growth and personal evolution. 

Once you say yes to facing this, a whole new world is going to open up for you.

We are all given something hard to deal with. If yours is drinking you are in the right place.

Mine was and I am here to help you.


I will guide, support, and work closely with you. You need to be open to me and I need to feel warm towards you for this to work. That's why it helps if we talk first. If you already know that you want to work with me go ahead and book.

After a free chat if you decide to work with me all the programs start with an online consultation for 1.5 hrs to get a solid understanding of your goals, challenges and start to unpack your unique situation.

There are two programs to choose from

  • Stater program

  • 12-weeks VIP program


Contact Me

If you are curious about working with me the next step is to book a time to have a free chat. As we talk we can come to a mutual understanding of whether we are a good fit. It might seem old-fashioned but this is deeply personal work, so the foundation is trust.

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