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Recovery Yoga Course

Perhaps you have already done a Dry July and found you couldn't maintain it, or you have cut back and are finding it really hard to sustain. Or you are just too scared to even try quitting or reducing.

Most likely you have tried all sorts of ways to get control back. We all do. I did. So don't worry that it didn't work the first time, it rarely does.

I want to teach you how Yoga can help you to deal with your problem with alcohol in a sustainable and realistic way. Yoga helps, whether you are in the early stages of addressing your drinking or if you are already living alcohol-free and want it to get even better.

 About the course

It is only open to people that identify as having trouble controlling their alcohol consumption so immediately you can feel relaxed that there will be no judgments. We don't need labels and we don't all need to be aiming for the same outcome. We just want to help you build clarity and confidence about what your next best step will be.

The course will be helpful as stand-alone support and also as a complement to any other support or treatment you may be receiving. The Yoga perspective on habits/addictions may be a helpful new paradigm to understand what is happening.

The course is full of practical techniques and tools that can help you to manage

  • urges/cravings

  • anxiety

  • emotions

  • stress

  • lifestyle habits

  • goals and processes to sustain change.

You will be taught in such a way that you can take the practices into your home and build your own practice which may involve breathwork, postures, meditation, Japa, and mantra.

No previous Yoga experience is necessary, but if you already do yoga the course will really help you dial in on the philosophies and practices that are most relevant to addiction.


Wednesdays 7-8.30 pm

Starts Nove 3rd

$120 *

Pre-registration Required

At AYU 7 Crawford St, Dunedin

* a scholarship place is available, contact me regarding this.


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