Obstacles on the Path.

व्याधिस्त्यानसंशय प्रमादालस्याविरति भ्रान्तिदर्शनालब्ध भूमिकत्वानवस्थितत्वानि चित्तविक्षेपास्तेऽन्तराया:

vyādhistyānasanśaya pramādālasyāvirati bhrāntidarśanālabdha bhūmikatvānavasthitatvāni cittavikṣēpāstē̕ntarāyāḥ | – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, 1.30

Living life as a spiritual journey means learning to interpret things in a particular way. When it comes to obstacles, they are opportunities to lean into rather than be bothered by. They are patterns that ultimately we can learn to overcome. Obstacles are going to happen. In Yoga, there are 9 that are described.

1) Vyādhi – Physical illness or disease (dis-ease)

When we are sick it is harder to stay positive. It can drain our energy and make us weaker.

2) Styāna – Apathy, lack of interest and enthusiasm, boredom.

Psychological strain can stop us from thinking and acting properly.

3) Samśaya – Doubt

In-depth uncertainty, profound ambivalence. It also includes confusion. There is no progress when we are in this state.

4) Pramādā – Distraction, negligence & carelessness

Haste, negligence, and agitation. Actions carried out from an " intoxicated Mind" are obstacles to progress.

5) Alasyā – Burnout, Heaviness

Generalized sluggishness. It shows up as numbness, nonchalance, or laziness. This can be in the body or the mind.

6) Avirati – Desire & Craving

When the senses are greedy for stimulation.Excessive taste for excessive pleasure.Addiction.

7) Bhrāntidarśanā – Living under illusions & Misunderstanding.

A limited, narrow-minded point of view. It can lead to intolerance and fanaticism.

8) Alabdhabhūmikatvā – Lack of patience or perseverance.

Which makes our goal unattainable, resulting in frustration and anger.

9) Anavasthitatvā – Inability to maintain achievements

We can not stay at the level we reach. Things lead us to give up on our efforts, and we slip back. Regression.

Of course, yoga also offers a solution, which is the Yoga Sutra 1.32 which advocates firmly committing to a long-term source of energy and peace that feeds our clarity, faith, and enthusiasm.

It leaves the choice of that up to the individual. that is one of the reasons yoga is such an open spiritual path.

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